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The Super Affiliate System is a complete affiliate marketing training system that shows people how to create massively profitable affiliate campaigns.

  • PEOPLE [ADS]: We show people how to not only create engaging ads that work AND give them working ads they can copy/paste, but we give-away over $895 of FREE AD CREDITS to those who signup, so they can get started with ZERO RISK.
  • ​PLACE [PRESELL]: We give-away working both downloadable presell page templates, but we also have Click-and-Clone Clickfunnels templates that make it easy for first-time affiliates to get started with NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE NECESSARY.
  • PRODUCT [OFFERS]: We guide students to the highest converting offers, the best affiliate networks, and give students access to high-ticket affiliate offers that produce recurring revenues.

The core SKILLS we focus on are the following:
– Copywriting- Data Analysis- Research
These skills form the backbone of all our teachings on how to effectively market products online. Students not only come out of our training with proven tactics and methods to making money online, but also will have developed core skills that will help them no matter where they ultimately end up in life.
We also focus highly on mindset exercises with our students, by exposing them to visualization exercises, mindset exercises, goal-setting exercises, assistance to reduce ‘Shiny Object Syndrome‘, and more.We maintain exceptionally strong engagement with our students throughout the course of the 12-week training, by regularly sending them messages through email, text, voicemail, and push-notifications.
This is ‘sales for the 21st century‘, and we truly are committed to our students success, and engage with them every chance we get.

Flickr is a photo sharing site and you can do affiliate marketing on there by posting affiliate links in the comments section of different images

87 million users

3.5 million images uploaded daily

Hosts over 6 billion images

Photos to target

Anything with lots of views



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